Mum, Dad & Kids has collected more than one million signatures!



More than one million signatures for Mum, Dad & Kids:

The European citizens’ initiative on marriage and family has won the challenge!


For months now Mum, Dad & Kids has already fulfilled the first of two conditions that are requested for an initiative to be examined by the European Commission. Whilst at least 7 Member States must have reached the minimum threshold of signatures set out by the Commission for each country, 14 Member States have surpassed their threshold: Germany, Croatia, Finland, France, Poland, Romania, Slovakia... 


The citizen movement Mum, Dad & Kids is glad to announce that it has also met the second condition:


Mum, Dad & Kids has collected more than one million signatures!


Following the twelve months during which signatures were gathered and counted online and in paper format, it now falls to the European Commission to examine the initiative made by hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of the European Union :

The incorporation into the European legislation of the following definitions of marriage and family: “Marriage means a legal union between one man and one woman” and “family is based on marriage and/or descent”.

These definitions correspond to the set of principles common to all the Member States of the European Union. Their adoption would reinforce the European unity and would ensure the respect of article 9 of the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.

Mum, Dad & Kids warmly thanks all those who supported this European citizens’ initiative, all the volunteers and all the organisations that contributed to its success.

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