"Mum Dad & Kids" surpasses the national thresholds in Lithuania and Cyprus

Eight months after the launch of the signature collection, the success stories are coming in with increasing density. With Lithuania (last week) and Cyprus (today), "Mum Dad & Kids" has managed to surpass the national thresholds in two more countries, bringing the total number of Member States where this goal has been reached to nine. For a successful European Citizens' Initiative (ECI), that threshold, which varies according to the size of each country, must be reached in at least seven Member States.

While the European Commission still has not responded to the organizers' request to remove from its website the false information that the collection of signatures will end on 11 December, "Mum Dad & Kids" now seems likely to become the fourth official ECI (of more than 60) to collect more than the required 1 million signatures. The number of confirmed signatures now is above 400.000, but many signatures that have been collected on paper reach the organizers, and can thus be counted, only with some delay.

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